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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Animal brothels legal in Denmark

Neither Denmark nor Norway has a prohibition on sex with animals, as long as the animals do not suffer.

On the Internet Danish animal owners advertise openly that they offer sex with animals, without intervention from police or other authorities, Danish newspaper 24timer reports.

In correspondence with the animal owners, the newspaper was told that the animals involved have many years of experience and that the animals themselves wanted sex. The cost to the client varied from DKK 500-1,000 (USD 85-170).

More: Aftenposten


adria blue said...

and one calls this a civilized country?distorted and sick the users but even sicker and criminals the healthy in mind and body(?), who've approved this abominable abuse.

Anonymous said...

It may seem cruel but if the animals object body language is loudest and most could easily defend themselves against these so called "animal rapists" and as long as people keep making such a fuss about it the more other people will hear about it and then they might as well be advertising it themselves. If more people know about this the more people will try it at one point or another, so if these people want to put a stop to it then don't make such a big ordeal about it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, have you fallen and bumped your head or are you really that stupid! The more people that know about it the more OUTRAGED they will become and put a stop to this senseless abuse on poor animals. Animals do NOT want sex, they don't enjoy it even with their own kind, much less a stupid ass person. The only animals that breed for pleasure are porpoise and large marine animals. This has got to be STOPPED! If the animals wanted it would they have to be tied with their arms, in a very not natural position for them by the way, and mouths taped shut, I assume to keep from being bitten. This is an act that is so shameful, so not human, they should all rot in hell, and they will!!

Anonymous said...

to "anonymous" who posted on 3rd January... sounds to me your one of the sick basterds that like doing this to animals, raises my concern about who you really are?mmmm what the hell is wrong with you!!

Rin Park said...