Denmark has stolen children from their foreigner parents

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Party in danish style

These are the future intelectuals of the danish society who will give lessons of morality to the rest of the world. Now they graduate the high school and this is the best reason to celebrate in the viking way. Herufholm skole, where these images are from, is not different from the other danish folkeskolen or highschools. All over Denmark is the same in such opportunities.
Being drunk is a virtue according to danish standards.
Danish people likes to give advices to the world, but first they should acknowledge their missbehaviour. Of course, they don't want to talk about their downsides.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Green energy

Denmark, the poster child for wind energy boosters, more than doubled its production of wind energy between 1999 and 2007. Yet data from, the operator of Denmark's natural gas and electricity grids, show that carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generation in 2007 were at about the same level as they were back in 1990, before the country began its frenzied construction of turbines. Denmark has done a good job of keeping its overall carbon dioxide emissions flat, but that is in large part because of near-zero population growth and exorbitant energy taxes, not wind energy. And through 2017, the Danes foresee no decrease in carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generation.

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About Denmark

This is the opinion from a polish citizen living in Denmark, taken from reddit. I consider that is worthed sharing here.

The danish culture is strange to me. Theyre very patriotic and proud, but i feel they have very little to base the pride on. Bacon and Lego? Danes are, as most scandinavians, very introvert, keep to themself, don't open much up to you, and it takes a lot to get into their inner circle, if you ever do. They're very individualistic, family is not something to be too concerned about. This is shown in two ways. One, most danes do not get kids before theyre in their mid 30's, and the majority never marries (majority over the last decade at least). Two, parents tend to get forgotten and only called on holidays, and visited on xmas. The close family bond i know from Poland is non existant.
Parents let kids have a lot of freedom. At confirmation, kids are 14, and get shitloads of money as presents. Also, it is assumed that after now, they are almost adults, and not many parents would frown upon their kid having sex and drinking and staying out late from this age on. As long as they did it in a responsible way.
Danish society is very closed. They don't like foreigners and foreign things, they dont do well with change. The common mentality is that the danish system works great, and the danes have made it great, so others shouldnt come here and exploit it or strain it. But the fact is, the system wasn't working in the 70's , when they invited a bunch of immigrants over because the danes wouldnt do the "crummy jobs".. same when Poles became available for work in 2003 upon joining the EU. I actually worked in a administrative position at an employment firm, and the poles that would get jobs from the day they arrived in Denmark was shocking to me. Danes just didn't want to pay 200+ DKK an hour for some danish handyman with a beer in his hand to do the same work a pole will do for 4 times cheaper.. and make it look nicer, for recommencations for later.
Danes often see themself as too important. I love when some international team is doing soemthing and they jump on the fact that one is a dane, or that the spaceship designed for mars has danish components. Caroline Wozniacki and Wilson Kipketer are both successful danish athletes born in another country. If they didnt do their sport, they would just be "another foreigner". I don't look danish nor have a danish name, and feel this weekly, despite being succesful and fluent in danish. When the foreigners on Nørrebro yell" alle danskere er fucking racister", they're not far from the truth. I bet you Fru Jensen in Jylland is a bit "mørkeræd"... hence the success of DF.
[People are] not as much racist, as discriminatory. Example : Ahmed from Palestine came to Denmark in 1981. His family at home. He worked 18 hours daily for the first 5 years so he could earn enough for them all, wife and 2 kids, to come to Denmark and join him. Then, once they do, he buys a kiosk or a grocery store, and takes care of that place of business. Usually, the kiosks and grocery shops are open 24/7, when danish shops close at 5pm. My point is, he has , because of his responsibilities, never become fluent in danish. He speaks with an accent. Old lady walks in the store, and although he answers her back in danish, she replies "what? speak danish, i cant understand you! You're in denmark now." or similar things. To compare, a 20 year old swedish chick comes to Copenhagen 2 years ago. She goes straight to H&M where she gets a job, and when you go to ask her something, she answers you back in swedish. And this is not a problem, because shes "one of us" (aka, nordic, blonde, etc). Eventhough she doesnt even speak the language, as Ahmed above does, she is still more accepted than Ahmed or anyone not looking like a dane. Such is the sad truth.
Of course, there are many many tolerant people here. But I live in the smack middle of Copenhagen. Go outside the city, and you'll get your racists too.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Denmark criticised for deporting Nordics

The Nordic council has slammed the Danish immigration policy, claiming that fellow Nordic citizens are being unacceptably ousted.
According to the convention agreed upon by the five Nordic countries, citizens from Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland are permitted to reside anywhere within the union without impediment. However, ten Scandinavian citizens were recently deported from Denmark after being declared unable to support themselves.
Stockholm News reports that a Copenhagen-based Norwegian university student terminated her studies in order to receive state aid after becoming pregnant. The woman then had her Norwegian student support allowance withdrawn and was sent back to Norway after being refused social welfare in Denmark.

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Shame on Denmark

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Danish journalist killed fish with shampoo

A journalist from DR1 put on trial for killing 12 guppies, found guilty, wins appeal, finally she gets away with murder!
I think she might be mentally disabled.
Pouring shampoo into a fish tank to prove shampoo's toxic? Come on!! She's just insane in her head, like more than 50% of danezi.
I think danish television is idiot. Of course not, they are not idiots, they want only to make money and convince stupid danish people to watch their brainwashing programms.

Lisbeth Kølster, a television presenter on the Danish public channel DR1, was last May found guilty by a district court in Glostrup, west of Copenhagen, of violating animal protection laws.
She had poured a "very diluted" amount of shampoo into a fish tank on a 2004 episode of the consumer affairs show she fronted to demonstrate the level of toxic material in a brand of anti-dandruff shampoo.
After three days, all but one of the fish were dead.
The lower court judge had ruled that Miss Kølster "deliberately committed an act of cruelty to animals" and violated animal protection laws, but decided not to hand down any sentence since an unreasonable amount of time, "four-and-a-half years," had passed between the date the complaint was filed and the trial.
She was acquitted by a Copenhagen appeals court.

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