Denmark has stolen children from their foreigner parents

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Neckface in Copenhagen

Neckface opened up his latest exhibition on June 26th at the V1 Gallery in Copenhagen. Entitled Return To The Womb, the showcase looks to present the California-based artist’s usual brand of horror-infused works to his European fan base. Exhibition ends July 25th.

Entering Neckface’s universe is like entering a horror chamber. At first glance his exhibition resembles a teenage room. Nostalgia and smiles quickly appear. But at second thought the warm memories and daft grin soon feels wrong. Because the deadly noose clinging to Neckface’s scrawny beings, and the blood that gushes from the chopped off limbs are not only figments of the imagination. These are images that have followed humanity since we first set our sights on this planet. From the inquisitions and witch hunts of the medieval times over the Judas Cradle and Iron Maidens to the world wars in the twentieth century and the prison camps of the twenty-first century in which human cries are lost in a geographic void that literally exists outside laws and regulations.
Neckface was at the tender age of 20 named on of the most interesting artists on the American independent art scene. His gallows humor attracted attention on streets all over the world. His first exhibition, Witch Hunt, opened in 2004 at the seminal and influential New Image Art Gallery in Los Angeles. Soon after followed a book on his works, entitled Satans Bride! Most recently Neckface has had solo exhibitions at dpmhi (London), Monster Children (Sydney) and contributed to the important exhibition The Bay Area Now at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Neckface first visited V1 Gallery in 2007 with the solo exhibition Rehearsal for Death.

V1 Gallery
Flaesketorvet 69-71
1711 Copenhagen V

Deportations in Denmark

There are many cases of foreigners in Denmark who, after they made a child with a local, are send (without the child) in their countries where they came from. Such a case is presented by Politiken: after 18 years of marriage, a kenyan woman who is married to a dane (and together, they have a daughter), is forcibly being deported because of the current immigration laws. She has done nothing wrong, she has committed no crime.
She is being deported despite the fact her husband is a danish citizen, has paid taxes all of his life, has worked for years on behalf of the danish foreign service for providing aid work in developing nations, is gainfully employed as an engineer, and together, they are homeowners. The immigration laws include a provision that stipulates that any dane who has received unemployment compensation for a cumulative period of over one year shall be ineligible to bring a foreign born spouse into the country under the "family reunion" act. and it is not just limited to unemployment compensation, the law penalizes danes who have ever benefited from ANY state-provided assistance (thus being deemed a so-called burden on society) by in-effect denying these danes the right to ever marry someone who is from outside the EU or scandinavia and then expect to live together in Denmark.
Had this woman been from Sweden or Poland, under the current laws, they would have no problem, but she is from Kenya, and therefore she is being forced out. The law treats her terribly and also treats danes differently. The law tells danes who they should marry and who they should not marry by giving danes who marry the "right" person many significant advantages. It is unfair and it is wrong.
And of course, the law is inhumane, unreasonable and discriminatory towards the non-danish spouse. Think about that.
This law does not apply to the two LARGEST recipients of state supported welfare: Crown Prince Frederik and his younger brother Joachim, who both have both married non-EU foreigners and in each case, a special law has been put into effect that circumvents the immigration laws for the sake of their spouses, the new princesses. Nobody raises an eyebrow.

Read more at Flickr. Comments are juicy.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Racism in Denmark

On June 19th, 2006, Politiken published an article about racist leaflets that are being handed out, unchallenged, in northern Denmark. They are being given to "foreigners" and are produced by the nazi party of Denmark. The headline says "A Free Denmark." Who will stand by this time and not say a word?
The racism in this country simply gets worse and worse, while the so-called 'creative class' doesn't want to be bothered with these kind of unpleasantries.
The racism has become institutionalized and a part of our everyday culture: as it continues to grow, unchallenged, the messages have become an accepted part of our discourse - the message becomes normalized and we begin to believe that there is a truth in what is being expressed.
It's a con, pure and simple, a ruse, a distraction, a way to make scapegoats out of people who live in this country.
It's not just the nazi's - it's the advertisers, the politicians, the every day people who use racist rhetoric in order to gain an advantage. It shouldn't be this way.

Source: Flickr

Monday, June 22, 2009

Foreigners' Assimilation

Søren Espersen, a proud member of parliament for Dansk Folkeparti (Danish People’s Party) and a true clone of Holger Danske, wrote an article in Politiken, Se at blive danskere (in danish). The english translation can be read at Gates of Vienna.
The bottom line: Assimilation shouldn’t really be a shameful word, but something that we can demand of immigrants.
So, a foreigner in Denmark should forget all his/er roots, native language, culture, tradition, everything..., when s/he comes to Denmark. And these, what for?

Thursday, June 04, 2009

This is Denmark

This is another opinion about Denmark, from here .

Denmark is not NEAR the fairytale that you people are describing. It’s basically a socialist hellhole, you get up, go to work and do the same shit day in day out. You know there’s a reason why they call the danes one of the happiest nations on earth.. Basically people have no expectations whatsoever.. Everything is already mediocre today so why should it be any different tomorrow? the prozac popping citizens of this country makes everything seem happy and all hunky dory to the outside world but did you know that over 450.000 people in this country are registered as "patients" in the system? When I say patients I mean people who either sees a psychiatrist or sees a psychiatrist and recieves goverment funded medication... this is out of a population of 5,5 million people! 1 out of every 11!! That does not even count half of the people who smoke weed and drink their their brains out every week.

As a wise man once said: “you would have to be cortically challenged to want to live in Denmark, unless you are a spineless and unproductive welfare leech”.
Yes you can make a fair lump of money on paper but have any of you people ever tried seeing 50-60% of your monthly salary cut away while some useless socialist politician tells you “Those high taxes are for the common good, you now have access to free healthcare blah blah blah”
Let me tell you free healthcare is BULL and you will basically die waiting for treatment… Hell I almost did, but luckily I got treatment at a private hospital and It was worth it! I would much rather pay a private insurance company to get in and out of the hospital alive! and you know what? I already do just as hundreds of thousands of citizens in this socialist country, Guess what Americans! Wakeup call! People who can afford it here have an expensive private health insurance just as you do! Because ending up at a hospital with a serious illness is not good when the hospital is run upon a socialist system! Many of us basically die on the waiting list and the media just coveres it up!, It's just like death row!

What more is there to rant about? Oohh, Of course.. The worlds highest income taxation! Yes that's right.. We are the highest tax paying country ever! woohoo! I'm such a happy dane... NOT! Well let my tell you the average tax payed by a dane this year is 57.5% That means that we basically work for FREE 201 days of the year.. The rest goes into our own (very small) pockets.. ohh and the general sales tax is 25%!! for you american that means that the same friggin ipod that you buy for $200 or whatever will cost you Atleast 250 in Denmark.. And that usually isn't the case! The goverment will add hundreds of different made up bull**** eco and whatnot taxes onto that product so it would probably cost over $350...! Let me give you a real life example..

A few month ago I really wanted one of those nice Apple Cinema displays right? So I looked at apples website and it cost about 9000 DKK that means in America it would cost me about $1800.. but here in Denmark it would cost me a wooping 2900!!!! is it OK to say that we are being RAPED?

OHHH!! Guess what! The general sales tax does NOT apply to vehicles, cars, motorcycles etc. Ohh no no no no there are completely different rules for this can you guess what tax percentage on a car will be? Let me burst your bubble.. 210%.. FRIGGIN 210 P E R C E N T!!

And what does that mean? Lets demonstrate that in real life.. A really nice car would cost what? About $50.000 in the United States? Wanna buy the same car while living in Denmark? Guess what? That same car will now cost you $155.000!! You could buy a friggin Ferrari for that amount back in the States! So If you ever come to Denmark. Don't wonder why there are no nice cars around and why the cars are so small, so old, polluting and rusty.. You can just merely tell yourself that it is because if it was up to the goverment we would all be riding our freakin bicycles like the happy prozac popping communists that we are.. in the pouring rain! You know there is a saying “You’ve been in Denmark too long when a Ford Escort starts to look like a nice ride.”
Oh! and by the way.. gas is 9 dollars a gallon because of the goverments "special tax" added to all gasoline and diesel. It's basically just a scheme to get people out of their cars and onto their ****ty little bikes.

You are thinking, well public transportation is great over there!... UMMM NO?? This country possibly has the WORST public transportation in the world so you have two choices. Ride the bus and get late to work and get raped by your boss... OOORR buy a car and get raped by the goverment.

What else is Rotten in Denmark that I haven't told you about?
CRIME!!!! Did you know that the state prison here has a special suite for the prisoners to rent for a weekend to stay in with their girlfriend, wife or family..? Did you know the prison has a cinema? All Inmates have their own little kitchen and nice table with a big window and everything, pretty comfortable bed also. Ohh they also have internet access isn't it great!.....NOT!!!

This place is CRIME HAVEN.. You can literally run somebody over and kill him! On purpose with your car and get off by telling the authorities that you fell asleep, you just get a short manslaughter sentence a little fine and a new drivers test! And don't get me wrong, prison here is LUXURY.. It's just like home! Some of the criminals in danish prisons actually do crime just to get locked up because it's so nice, they get free meals and get to sit in a nice cell all day long. If they are bored they can well... Get their girlfriends to come over or go to the cinema.
Guess what? This country even has Open prisons.. Yeah that's right the inmates get a curfew and they can leave.

I’m telling you, leave this glorified idea it’s a fairytale. The list of negative things is basically too long to mention here but the day one of you unfortunate fools move here and tries to buy a car please call me! I really want to hear the trembling in your voice when you find out that a small factory new eco car will cost you $70.000 and upwards, or that the real estate broker is trying to charge you $600.000 for a half decent hundred year old apartment.. (they are literally 100+ year old most places) You know there is a reason why denmark is having so much trouble holding on to a decent educated workforce.. because the youth of this country immedietly leaves after they finish up the university. They move to america, germany, italy spain etc.. Completely debt free. This is really one of the only true good benefits, a free education system that you can exploit and then move to a better country.
Please have a look at this file written buy a Dane before you consider moving here and PLEASE take the information seriously because it will come back and haunt you the day you are living on this forsaken soil.

Great article on the danish mentality.

Let me tell you, the two worst! and I mean absolutely worst things about this place is the mentality of the people, If you ever come here and buy a really nice house or a car (if you can afford it) don't tell anyone! People will dispice, hate and loath you for it! They won't tell you but you will feel the wrath of their jealousy.. If you're lucky you might have a few people who will congratulate you. There are a few things in this country that is absolutely taboo. Success and Wealth! They won't have it! They will hate you for it, If you are an american who have a few million saved up on your account and ready to retire in Denmark. Just don't! And if you do remember to tell people that you are making whatever the average salary is that year, that way you can avoid social persecution.
Anyways you can read more about this sort of social behavior if you google "law of jante" , danish society is basically built around these fictional rules.

Let me just give you a little piece of advice and I hope that you take it seriously.
If you really must insist that this place is ‘OHHhh Soo! heavenly!!’ Consider moving to southeren Sweden and drive to Denmark to work across the bridge connecting the two countries.. Just as many other danes who have seen the light are already doing, Sweden is a MUCH cleaner country, the streets are dirtless unlike Danish streets. Everything isn’t taxed to death.. I mean even toilet paper and toothpaste is taxed in Denmark for god sake!! In sweden cars are tax free so you will be able to buy a really decent car at very cheap prices.. Believe me, you will thank me when the harsh winter kicks in.. It’s no fun riding your bicycle in pouring rain and snow even though it does look OoooOoohhh so idyllic when watching propaganda videos of happy bicyclists videos of Ultra-Socialist Denmark on Youtube.


Living in Sweden while driving to work in Denmark is probably the ultimate luxury for the average welfare leeching underachiever of socialist scandinavia and this is the ultimate truth that I have concluded after living here for 20 years so whether or not you choose to believe this is entirely up to you.

And no I'm not old and grumpy but young and healthy, the lose backbone of this country that will hopefully leave soon if everyting turns out as planned.
At least I will know that I saved a few fools.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hilarious Denmark

Jón Gnarr, a famous Icelandic comedian, gives his opinion on Denmark and the Danish nation in a funny matter. This is a part of a stand-up he made in the year 2000 or 2001.