Denmark has stolen children from their foreigner parents

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Exported Products and Foreigners' Perception of Denmark

However mean the Danes may be between them, they are incredibly proud of anything produced in Denmark, and all exported products are covered in little, red, Danish flags, the Dannebrog, and "Denmark" or "Danish" is written all over the place. Of course, all that makes no difference to foreign customers, who've never heard anything about Denmark. Asked about Denmark, a Brit or a Frenchman would ask if it's part of the EU. The informed reader will know that Denmark joined at the same time as Britain and Ireland, namely 1 January 1973. If you show a map of Scandinavia to a Brit and ask him to point out Denmark, he'll show you either Norway or Sweden.

People outside Scandinavia usually believe that Denmark is a quiet, orderly fairy tale like country, with a welfare system that takes care of everybody in a fair way. Little do they know about all the crime, the violent police, the record high taxes, the people dying while awaiting life-saving operations, the mean Jantelov, the envy, the immorality, and the corruption.

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