Denmark has stolen children from their foreigner parents

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Danish corruption against foreigners in Denmark

Group wildness or corruption against foreigners who live in Denmark has got deep cultural background by time. As much as half of the danish dialogue dictionary is words or sentences who danes used to use when they talk about foreigners. Dictionary name is "politician Slang ordbog".

Danish has a negative cultural rule called Jantelov. It has 10 orders. Jantelov is a group rule to punish minorities or whoever cross group leadership borders. Jantelov used mostly against foreigners and those who has more success than group leaders. Jantelov is law of most danish informal groups.

Nearly all successful danish suffer of Jantelov but, it is not all of them who admit it. As I can remember: Anja Andersen handball player, Sepp Piontek and next football coach after him, Bjarne Riis bike rider and among politicians Paul Shluder, Paul Nyrup, Uffe Eleman Jensen, and Ritt Bjerregaard. Crown Prince Fredrik and princess Alexandra are under of irritation of Jantelov too. Specially prince Fredrik marriage is under question of Jantelov. They say his girlfriend get abused but, most of them care about neither him nor his girlfriend or want her as his girlfriend or his wife.

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