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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Adapting to the Danes

• Be direct. Directness and frankness in communication is seen as a sign of sincerity and honesty. When you gain their respect, they’ll start liking you for it.
• Be yourself. Personality and individuality is welcomed in Denmark.
• Compliment them on their country and culture. They’re a small country and like to feel that people appreciate them, or at least acknowledge their impact on the world.
• Hop on a bike and you’ll immediately feel part of the cycling community. Just don’t do anything stupid, they will not love you for blocking cycle paths or riding in the wrong direction.
• Make a joke or two about Swedish culture but don’t take sides.
• Learn a few Danish words. Your efforts to pronounce their language can help to break the ice and are sure to cause a few laughs.
• Don’t be intimidated by them. Their bark is worse than their bite.
• If doing business, get it in writing. According to fellow Scandinavians, the Danes are known as the best traders and the toughest business negotiators in the region.

Source: Worlds apart: The Danish - Swedish culture clash

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