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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Haunted Locations in Denmark

Dragsholm Slot, Hørve in Sealand, Denmark

Not all phantoms are ill-tempered, and as proof you need look no further than the gray lady of Dragsholm Slot. Once a fair maiden, the gray lady haunts the halls eternally looking to do good and make sure that everything is in order, as a token of her gratitude for having a painful toothache cured right before her death.

Slightly less helpful is the white lady. Another noble maiden, she kept up a secret love affair with a commoner until the day they were both caught, and was then imprisoned inside the castle by her father. In the early 1930s, one lucky tourist managed to poke a finger hole through a piece of crumbling mortar and ended up discovering a skeleton wrapped in a dress. Needless to say, tourism is still going strong.

Dragsholm Castle has been around in Denmark since the 12th century. It was built by the Bishop of Roskilde and is now currently under the ownership of the Bottger family who acquired it in 1939. Guests will certainly admire the interiors of this castle-hotel and a lot of vacations, business conferences and parties are held here. However, like all old castles, Dragsholm has it’s own share of supernatural entities. There are three of them in fact.

The Gray Lady, while not often spotted, is speculated to be the ghost of a maiden who once worked at the castle. She was said to have suffered from a terribly painful toothache. Although she was eventually cured of it, she returns to the castle as a way of giving back and making sure that all the residents are doing well.

On the other hand, the White Lady was not as happy with her life. She is suspected to be the daughter of one of the castle’s former owners. Unfortunately, she fell in love with a common man who worked in the castle. They kept their love a secret but it was eventually discovered. In the father’s rage, he ordered the servants to imprison the poor girl within one of the walls. This White Lady is reported to haunt the corridors. Perhaps what is the most chilling of this information is the fact that during one of the castle’s renovations, workers who had been tearing up the walls did find the skeleton of a young girl in a white dress.

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