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Monday, August 11, 2008

Organic produce is no better for you than food grown with pesticides

Organic produce contains no more nutrients than food grown using pesticides and chemicals, researchers say.

It can cost up to a third more, but is merely a 'lifestyle choice' for consumers, the study found.

Dr Susanne Bügel and the University of Copenhagen team found no clear evidence of any difference in the vitamin and mineral content of crops grown organically and those using legally permitted levels of fertilisers and pesticides.

The study, supported by the Danish Research Centre for Organic Farming, looked at crops of carrots, kale, mature peas, apples and potatoes – staple ingredients that can be found in most families’ shopping baskets.

The first cultivation method consisted of growing the vegetables on soil which had a low input of nutrients using animal manure and no pesticides except for one organically approved product on kale only.

The second method involved applying a low input of nutrients using animal manure, combined with use of pesticides, as much as allowed by regulation.

Finally, the third method comprised a combination of a high input of nutrients through mineral fertilisers and pesticides as legally allowed.

The crops were grown on the same or similar soil on adjacent fields at the same time and so experienced the same weather conditions.

All were harvested and treated at the same time.

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Anonymous said...

This report is totally wrong !!!! Why are cancer patients encouraged to eat organic foods then instead of commercially grown produce. If you encourage organic this means more local community which ultimately leads to an end in globalisation. Big business only encourages addiction to consumerism & towards globilasation. The planet won't be able to cope so this is more a global issue as well as whether organic has more or less vitamins than commercially grown fruits & vegetables. Organic foods are better for you in terms of health & pesticides cause alleric reactions & other health problems which shows that the foods absorb chemicals.