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Monday, November 16, 2009

Our right to protest in Copenhagen

It's deeply worrying that a new law proposed [lømmelpakken] by the Danish government, to come into force just days before the start of negotiations [Copenhagen Treaty], seeks to extend police powers for arresting protesters. The law would allow police the power to pre-emptively detain people for 12 hours when no crime has been committed, and raise fines for failing to disperse from a demonstration to more than £350. The police in the UK have come under unprecedented criticism for their disproportionate policing of protest. The Danish government would do well to learn from mistakes here, rather than mimicking similarly draconian policies. We support trade unions, environmental and other organisations in Denmark in their valid protests against the law package and call for the Danish government to uphold the right to legitimate protest.

More at The Guardian
  • The police can arrest you for 12 hours without a warrant if you are simply suspected of being a "security risk".
  • You can be jailed for 40 days if the police feel you are actively "hindering" their work.
  • There is a fine of 6,000 DKK for taking part in any public demonstration or gathering that police do not authorize.
  • There is a fine for 15,000 DKK for any act of vandalism, or for penetrating a police barrier.
So, Denmark government takes another step towards fascism.

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