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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cancer Survival in Denmark

Cancer patients in the U.K. and Denmark are less likely to survive than those living in Australia, Canada, Sweden and Norway because of poorer early diagnosis in the two countries, researchers said.

Patients in the U.K. and Denmark are less likely to be diagnosed in the early stages of disease, when treatment is more effective, based on the one-year survival rates in the study, said Mike Richards, national cancer director at the U.K. Department of Health. Between 2005 and 2007, about 30 percent of Britons were alive within one year of being diagnosed with lung tumors, compared with 35 percent in Denmark, 39 percent in Norway, 42 percent in Canada, 43 percent in Australia and 44 percent in Sweden, the study found.

While the U.K. and Denmark saw survival rates improve the most, they ranked behind Australia, where 91 percent of patients were alive five years after diagnosis, compared with 86 percent in the U.K. and 87 percent in Denmark, the researchers said.

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