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Friday, March 25, 2011

Nordic countries should form a union by 2030

"We will be one of the strongest economies in the world" - Swedish historian proposes full federal union of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland by 2030. Such a union would number 25 million and have a GDP similar to that of Spain and India.

All representatives from the Nordic countries were invited to Trondheim to mark the day. The Swedish historian Gunnar Wetterberg held a lecture where he presented an exciting proposal: to merge the five Nordic countries into a single federal state. "When these countries are so near to each other in language and culture, it is no wonder that we were together not so long ago...We will have a very strong base for economic growth in the area, much stronger than we have when our countries are working separately."

There have been many Nordic unions over the centuries, but they have never quite worked. Wetterberg believes there are other causes behind that: "Perhaps there were others outside the region that didn't want it to go so well. For example the Dutch and English would not want both sides of Øresund (the strait between Denmark and Sweden) to belong to the same country...

Just to provide some economic background, the "core" Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Norway and Denmark together would have a GDP in between Australia and Mexico - right now the highest, Sweden, is 21th in terms of GDP but together they would be in 14th place. With Finland and Iceland added it would be around $1.4 trillion, in between Spain and India. Population of the core three together would be around 20 million, then add another 5 million to that with Finland and Iceland.

More at PageF30 and NRK (in norwegian)

Denmark is just a spittle on this map.

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Lidia-Otilia said...

Vikings reborn, those northman's?
This union of the Scandinavian countries will be a new "northern threat"? Vikings will be new for Europe as threatening as 1000 years ago?