Denmark has stolen children from their foreigner parents

Monday, February 04, 2013

Denmark Goes Nuclear

By Jason Heppenstall

[…] One. The people of Denmark do as they are told to do, think what they are told to think, and never question authority. Minds are controlled by state propaganda, and the janteloven, keeps people servile and compliant. One cannot expect any help if something bad happens to you, as I was reminded a couple of months ago when an American student was attacked on a bus here in broad daylight and beaten up for being a ‘Chinese boy’ while every single passenger turned a blind eye.
This is not an uncommon occurrence. […].
A close-knit community. [...]
Two. Denmark is not the best country in the world, as if there could ever be such a thing. Almost every week there is a report saying so in the media. Danes believe their flag is descended from Heaven and that they are the chosen ones. The country supposedly has the best restaurant and food, the happiest people, the smartest society, the most environmentally friendly civilization on the face of the planet, the best city in the world to live in. I could go on.

(Is it impolite to mention also that it’s also the cancer capital of the world, has a huge problem with alcoholism and suicide, is Europe’s second most wasteful nation and is addicted to coal and has the fourth largest environmental footprint of any country in the world?) Is it a case of ‘we think OSDS’?
Three. Relating to two. This week – and I just have to share this with someone because nobody really in the international press outside of specialist international policy websites has reported it – Denmark flunked out of pretending to be green! Yes, you read it here first. Extra, extra! Greenland, which ahem, is kind of independent and allowed to do what it wants as long as Copenhagen agrees to it, is being sold to the Chinese! Well, not all of it, just the bits that contain uranium. This, apparently, would make supposedly anti-nuclear Denmark one of the biggest exporters of uranium on the planet.
They don’t want it in their back yard – they want it in yours!
But it’s not just uranium. Eco-friendly Denmark wants a slice of the oil pie too. Denmark’s version of the-historical-German-party-whose-name-cannot-be-mentioned-in-polite-company- said that ‘Future generations will not forgive us,’ if Denmark does not go for the massive oil and uranium grab on turf that it controls. And the main parties all seemed to agree.

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Lidia Otilia Danilof said...

Imi place blogul. E fain. Dar mi-a dispărut comentariul la unul din articole, cel cu vikingii. Până m-am dus la blogul meu să iau de acolo un exemplu, pentru că am scris şi eu încă din martie 2011 despre acest dorit Consiliu Nordic, mi-a dispărut comentariul. In ce fel l-ai făcut de merge aşa de repede şi cam neobişnuit?