Denmark has stolen children from their foreigner parents

Sunday, June 03, 2007


This picture was published on arto, the most famous danish chat site. This picture is public.

These 2 children are danish stepbrothers. They have the same mother but different fathers. They live together with their danish mother.
The girl is 14 years old and the boy is only 7.
What you can see here? The boy shows the finger from both hands to his stepsister. What means that? Incredible. Look at the attitude of the boy, judge yourself.
What education gives their mother to her children? Where from do they learn such gestures? From the school? Do they know what does it mean to show the finger to somebody? It is absolutely outrageous and unacceptable how a mother educate her children.

You must keep in mind that this irresponsible mother have another 3 children with absolutely 2 different fathers. One of the kids is only 2 years old, from Romanian origin (his father is romanian). This child has no right to be with his father. This is absolutely unforgivable.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say, that you seem to be too fast to judge people from a picture that you found on the internet. I don't see anything wrong in that boys attitude. To me he looks, as if he is making fun. you have a lot of moralizing things to say about the Danish family-pattern. I think You rather should look at how your own country treats children that have no father and mother. It not so many years ago that Romania was disreputabled arround the world for treating orphans worse than animals!
Anyway I'm glad that you can use my video from Botanical Garden on your homepage.
Greatings BimborgBroadcast.

Anonymous said...

What about the children in Denmark who have nobody to say FATHER to? It is absolutely immoral and outrageous. What about the human rights in Denmark? What about discrimination of foreigners, about Janteloven in Denmark? Too much freedom gives immorality.