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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Opinion about the danes

This is a comment to a post found on internet.
I am studying Engineering in Denmark and hoping to get a job as engineer here when I graduate later (naturally) but after living here for more than one and half year I actually change my mind about wanting to stay here.

I can't stand the Danes, as naive as it might sound. For Asian like me, I find they are very closed, living in their own world and don't want to hear what other people think just because they think they are always right and also because the others are "foreigners" and don't know anything about the subject.

I don't mean to be rude or have certain intentions of bashing the Danes but I am just being honest with my feelings that sometimes I feel that the Danes are living in their own little world and refuse others to come in. Even the so-called integration and immigration rules reflect so. Therefore I find it laughable to read how Danish government needs to "recruit" professionals such as engineers and doctors from abroad. How can they expect them to stay when the Danes treat foreigners like that?

I got countless stares in the street because I look Asian and sometimes I dress very simple because I am just going to my lab in my university. The Danes perhaps think that I am just another dumb Thai girl who got married with some old fart. Seriously, this attitude pisses me off and it completely changes my motivation to find a job here and "help" the Danish government to overcome their "Engineer" crisis.

I am looking forward to traveling to more open countries. AT least more open to foreigners than DK.

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Zhara said...

Yes some dances are closhed about foreigners and very racist, but there are nice danes as well. I think that it's rasic to to judge a whole race of people because of some racist people. I live in denmark to, african features, it's not like that you are the only one , when you talk about their closed worlds you also have to take a look on your self. Not to be rude even through i now it sounds like that, i really like your blog because it brings lots of topic up and make people to think.