Denmark has stolen children from their foreigner parents

Friday, October 19, 2007


Among many other things that the danes are experts is also “teasing”, which is a behaviour what must be learned and accepted especially by children to be considered pure danes.

The children, but not only them, must get used to that, to earn a strong character. “Teasing” can bring harassment. How far can go this behaviour, not to be psychologically abusive?

I met a 17 year old teenager, who was teased, mocked by even her friends and classmates, only because of her name, Ninna. By protesting to a such behaviour she changed her name from Ninna to Sophie. The girl didn’t resist anymore to that psychologically pressure on her.

The name is given to us by our parents. I don’t think that Ninna should be an awful name to be changed. We are not responsible for our names. Does that it mean that our parents are idiots because we change our names due to teasing? Incredible what kind of attitude can have the danes to other people.

It is very common in Denmark in changing names and this is made not only because of teasing.

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