Denmark has stolen children from their foreigner parents

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Deportations in Denmark

There are many cases of foreigners in Denmark who, after they made a child with a local, are send (without the child) in their countries where they came from. Such a case is presented by Politiken: after 18 years of marriage, a kenyan woman who is married to a dane (and together, they have a daughter), is forcibly being deported because of the current immigration laws. She has done nothing wrong, she has committed no crime.
She is being deported despite the fact her husband is a danish citizen, has paid taxes all of his life, has worked for years on behalf of the danish foreign service for providing aid work in developing nations, is gainfully employed as an engineer, and together, they are homeowners. The immigration laws include a provision that stipulates that any dane who has received unemployment compensation for a cumulative period of over one year shall be ineligible to bring a foreign born spouse into the country under the "family reunion" act. and it is not just limited to unemployment compensation, the law penalizes danes who have ever benefited from ANY state-provided assistance (thus being deemed a so-called burden on society) by in-effect denying these danes the right to ever marry someone who is from outside the EU or scandinavia and then expect to live together in Denmark.
Had this woman been from Sweden or Poland, under the current laws, they would have no problem, but she is from Kenya, and therefore she is being forced out. The law treats her terribly and also treats danes differently. The law tells danes who they should marry and who they should not marry by giving danes who marry the "right" person many significant advantages. It is unfair and it is wrong.
And of course, the law is inhumane, unreasonable and discriminatory towards the non-danish spouse. Think about that.
This law does not apply to the two LARGEST recipients of state supported welfare: Crown Prince Frederik and his younger brother Joachim, who both have both married non-EU foreigners and in each case, a special law has been put into effect that circumvents the immigration laws for the sake of their spouses, the new princesses. Nobody raises an eyebrow.

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