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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Tax Evasion

The leader of Denmark's main opposition party says she made a "big and sloppy error" by giving incorrect information to the Danish authorities about her husband, Stephen Kinnock.
Social Democrat leader Helle Thorning-Schmidt was speaking after the Danish tabloid newspaper BT had accused her husband of evading Danish taxes.
Mr Kinnock is the son of Lord Kinnock, the former UK Labour Party leader.
He works and pays tax in Switzerland on a reported income of £110,000.
Mrs Thorning-Schmidt admitted making a mistake over the amount of time her husband had spent in Denmark.
They have their family home in the Danish capital Copenhagen, even though Mr Kinnock works in Switzerland.

Mrs Thorning-Schmidt, who has campaigned for higher taxes for high earners, insists that her husband has resided in Denmark for only 33 weekends per year.
Therefore, she argues, he does not have to pay taxes in Denmark.
But when the couple applied for permission for Mr Kinnock to buy half of their shared home, Mrs Thorning-Schmidt wrote to the authorities that her husband spent "every weekend of the year from Friday through to Monday" in Denmark.
As a non-resident and UK citizen Mr Kinnock would not normally be allowed to buy a property in Denmark.

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