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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Unfriendly Copenhagen

“ Isn’t it interesting that Anders Fogh is the only war leader to get re-elected?“ And then our “hyggelige aften“… cozy evening ends almost immediately.
My husband is danish and fiercly loyal to his Queen and Country. Expression of anything but praise for his beloved country is a no no. It’s frustrating for me, coz my life is very limited her.
In spite of the fact that I’m daily contact with the danes ( I go to school with them, and work with some of them) I still can’t get anyone to hang out with me…, I mean, I can’t just pick up the phone and call someone without it being long distance.

Wonderful Copenhagen. Well that depends on what kind of foreigner you are and what you intend to do while in Copenhagen. Let me start by saying that, I have lived in London for about 4-5 years before I moved to Denmark. Not once did I feel different and unwelcomed while in London. The English aren’t as cold as the world likes to describe the, quite the contrary.

In Copenhagen on the other hand there is nothing but hostility towards foreigners, and by foreigner in Denmark they mean those from the u-lands (that’s undeveloped world to you and me). It’s mentally exhausting. Danes are afraid of new things and they say foreigner in their country is a new phenomenon, ya, we only began popping up here in the 60’s.

Some of their reservations are what we all would identify with. But surely is it a crime to wanna make a legitimate living in a world that gives better opportunities? I have many a times asked my husband whether he knows what being poor is? The answer is NO. Many danes don’t either, so they can’t relate to someone really wanting a shot at their kind of life.
We are where we are born, and just as danes didn’t have a choice of whether to be born danish or not, neither did I have the choice of where to be born or whom to be. They can sure as day believe if I had a say at it, I probably wouldn’t be writing this.
What I’m trying to say is, I have with limited opportunities the choice now of whom to be or where to live. I chose Denmark (ignorant of what I know now) simply because my husband had a more established life here than that I had in England where we met. So don’t crucify me for it.

I guess one would say why don’t I go home if all is misery. I wanna give my children (in the works) a better shot at life than the one I had. They have that chance. They will after all be just as danish as other danes ( I hope).

Source: Stranger in Copenhagen


Anonymous said...

hi, i havce just got married and like urself moved to cph as that is where my husband is from. i am originally from england. i would just like to say how right u are.... i have been finding it very difficult indeed getting someone to just be my friend. i know im not imagining it, it was never like this in england. ive never felt so lonley in all my life.

Pochemuchka said...

I cannot agree with you more. If you think being Caucasian looking is bad, try being Asian.
I have been working here and paying taxes. Apart from my boyfriend, I have no danish friends.
I get racism remarks, looked down upon even by my boyfriend's family. The ironic thing is, I am more educated, well-traveled and cultured than them. I am leaving this Christmas. Am soooo happy to do so. ;-)