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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Danes are World Citizens

A study from EU concludes that Denmark have the most cosmopolitan population in EU.
During a time when Danes have their thoughts focused towards family, Christmas traditions and pork-rind steaks, we have gotten an interesting European first place. EU’s statistical office, Eurobarometer, concludes in a study that Denmark have the most cosmopolitan population group in Europe.
The conclusion builds on two things. First the Danes have a very positive attitude towards young people meeting across cultural boundaries, secondly most danes believe that the youth shouldn’t be tied down by traditions. Together that makes the Danes European champions in being World Citicens.

We are Individualists
»Danes believes, that traditions are good and nice, when it is Christmas. But is is not that kind of traditions that are the basis of this study. One thing is to celebrate Christmas, something else is to do like your parents because of religion, or because there is a tradition running in the family. We are a top-individualised society,« says Rune Stubager at Aarhus University and researcher of the Value-Political attitudes of Danes.
Some will be surprised that Denmark is so highly ranked, when it comes to being open towards other cultures. Rune Stubager, explain it by the high educational level. Although he doubts that Denmark is so markedly better than other European countries, as is seen by the study.
»The actual numbers can be debated, since we don’t know how the questions was asked in Danish. However, the prevalent tendency there is no reason to doubt: The Danes are not as sceptical towards immigration as the South- and Eastern-Europeans. Danmark actually belongs in the most positive group in Europe,« he states.

Integration is not the Best
Although the study shows pluralism among the Danes, it’s a long stretch to integration, according to integration-consultant, author and debater Mohammad Rafiq. But he doesn’t blame the Danes and does understand why Danes are number one.
»Danes have the will to make an effort to make contact and build bridges to people with another ethnic background. It is not successful, but it is rather the immigrants, who are xenophobic against the Danes. They isolate themselves instead of meeting the Danes, in sports associations etc. But the Danes are willing,« he says.
According the the Eurobarometer 56% of Danes are cosmopolitans, followed by 48% of the Swedes, 47% of the Dutch. In the other end the populations of the new member countries have a position near the bottom. Compared to the EU-average only 25% are cosmopolitan, while the rest are either against intercultural meetings or believe in strong traditions.

Source: Jyllands-Posten

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