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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Reamonn and Europe in Sibiu, Romania

The most famous bands Reamonn from Germany (lead by the Irish Rea Garvey) and Europe from Sweden had a fabulous concert in Sibiu, Romania at New Year's Eve, 2008.

The Raemonn band played the most famous songs, Tonight (video), Starship (video), Serpentine, from their last album "Wish", Supergirl (video), Allright. The first song in the concert can be viewed here.
Uwe Bossert, the guitar player from the Reamonn band played a splendid solo guitar (video). Also, Gomezz played a wonderful solo drums (video). The concert was about 1 hour long.

Europe had a wonderful 75 minutes concert in Sibiu, Romania at New Year's Eve 2008, just after midnight. The opening song of the concert was Love is Not the Enemy (video) followed by Let the Children Play (video) from their last album "Secret Society". The band played 12 songs , among them the well known , Superstitious (video), Carrie (video), Girl from Lebanon, Yesterday's News, Cherokee, and in the end The Final Count Down (video) followed by a magnificent fireworks.

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