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Monday, March 24, 2008

Danish Elephant Trick

Materials: none

Instructions: Give your friend these instructions:

  • Think of any number from one to 10.
  • Multiply it by 9. [Pause while they do this]
  • If it's a two-digit number, add them together.
  • Now, subtract 5 from the number in your head. [Pause again]
  • Now, think of the letter in the alphabet that corresponds with the number you are thinking about. For instance, if you are thinking of the number 1, it would be "A". Number 2 would be "B". 3 is "C", and so on.
  • Now, think of a country that starts with the letter you're thinking of.
  • Spell the country in your head. [Pause here]
  • Think about the second letter in that country's name. Now, quickly think of an animal who's name begins with that letter.[Pause here]
  • Now, think of the animal's color.
  • [Pause and concentrate] That's funny... this can't be right... there ARE no gray elephants in Denmark!
(The country will always start with D and they will always choose Denmark, so the animal will start with E. It will fail if they think of Eagle or Emu, but that's a chance to take.)

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