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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Strange Danish Laws

During the history, Denmark had some very strange laws:
  • Restaurants may not charge for water unless it is accompanied by another item such as ice or a lemon slice.
  • Before starting your car you are required to check lights, brakes, steering and honk your horn.
  • If a horse drawn carriage is trying to pass a car and the horse becomes uneasy, the owner of the car is required to pull over and if necessary, cover the car.
  • No one may start a car while someone is underneath the vehicle.
  • Attempt to escape from prison is not illegal, however, if one he is caught he is required to serve out the remainder of his term.
  • When driving, you must have someone in front of your car with a flag to warn horse drawn carriages that a motorcar is coming.
  • Any carport added to a building increases the value of the building by 15.

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