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Saturday, July 26, 2008

View on Denmark

ABC News published an interesting article about Denmark: The Happiest Place on Earth. There are many readers' comments pro or against well being and happiness in Denmark. Maybe the most interesting is this one:
One of the frustrating aspects of living in DK is that, upon arrival, one loses one's right to an opinion, unless of course it is positive. The UK is not doing well these days, and is barely recognisable as the country I grew up in. When my Danish wife and I lived there some years back, she was easily able to see failures within society that I just couldn't recognise. That's how it is when one moves to another country. I was once patriotic, having served in the Military and Police. Not so much these days as the British State is hardly representative of what I call 'home'. I live in DK, for the sake of my wife who has family here. But even she feels it was a mistake moving back two years ago. Okay, everyone has the right to feel proud of their homeland. If that's how one feels, well done. But the sheer scale of Xenophobia here in this cold northern land takes some getting used to. If I have been told once, I have been told a thousand times how everything here is much better than in the UK and everywhere else. What is irksome is that this bombasticism is usually the fruit of a mouth whose head and body have either never been anywhere else, of if they have, it's been on a package tour with other Danes, with a Danish tour guide, a Danish inspired itinerary etc. TV coverage of UK/US is always negatively slanted. So what is better here ? Well, the food quality is awful, overpriced, incredibly limited in choice and variety. The medical system here is no better than the UK's, in some ways worse. Medicine is very costly. Dental costs very high. DK education (indoctrination) standards are higher. Consumer choice is hopeless. Public infrastructure is 20 years behind. Utilities costs are higher. Tax is insane, and services are worse. Visit Rense , Heising, The Truth Seeker. This is not a UK v DK rant. I am trying to be fair. DK is for Danes. Everyone else is a foreigner.

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