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Friday, September 05, 2008


The most dangerous revolutions are not those which tear everything down, and cause the streets to run with blood, but those which leave everything standing, while cunningly emptying it of any significance.
The Danish philosopher Kierkegaard.

London's Evening Standard Edition for 1st July 2008 reported in an article entitled `Happyland` that a recent opinion poll revealed that of all the peoples of the world, Danes were the happiest. This the poll stated was due to the country's peaceful atmosphere, Democracy and social equality.

I have lived in Denmark for the better part of the last thirteen years, and yes, compared to the larger more industrialised nations, it is indeed peaceful here, and in the future, if current trends persist, will become ever more so as the population plummets due to the below replacement birthrate and a national antipathy towards immigration. The Danish Democratic ideal is as it is elsewhere today, a ruse to calm the masses into thinking they actually have a voice, when the truth is very different. When people believe themselves `free`, they do not rebel, so all remains `peaceful`. As for `Social Equality`, some Danes are more equal than others, and as it is everywhere else, a consulting surgeon for example, and a manual labourer are not regarded or treated as equals by anyone I have met here.

In recent times, there have been several such surveys conducted, all of which asserted that Denmark is the happiest place on the planet. The question is of course, why do we need to keep being told this? What is the purpose, and is there an agenda, as for the life of me, I cannot see Danes as being a happy people at all.

It is my thesis following much research and investigation into this phenomena that Denmark is, and has been for years, a `Test Zone` for the European Union in particular and the emerging New World Order in general. And that the constant reinforcing of this Danish `fairy tale` in the international media is contrived to convince the peoples of the EU firstly, and the rest of the world thereafter, that the subtle mental prison that is Denmark, is highly desirable and a model that all should strive for.

To state that Danes are the happiest people on earth is abject nonsense and I will attempt in this essay to debunk this Illuminati manipulated version of the truth once and for all.

The Danish concept of happiness is quite different to that of say the USA, or any of the other English speaking lands. Danish happiness is tied up entirely in one word; `Tryghed` or safety/security. Now these elements might be necessary for a happy life, but they do not constitute happiness in themselves. A long term prisoner might feel `safe and secure`, but how many would proclaim happiness.

The most common English dictionary definition of happiness is; " A state of pleasure, joy, exhilaration, bliss, contentment, delight, enjoyment, satisfaction".

Of the above, I can only say that I have witnessed in the Dane a sense of resigned contentment and satisfaction with his or her lot. The other elements are highly conspicuous by their absence. It should be noted that Danes are generally undemanding and compliant by nature and so long as the Status Quo is maintained, they shuffle about their lives innocuously enough.

So what is this all about then? It's about constructing an environment where people become servile and acquiescent. Grateful for the `scraps` handed down to them by their benevolent master, the State. As Aldous Huxley wrote in Brave New World, "The perfect Totalitarian State is one where the political bosses, and their army of managers, control a population of slaves, who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude". This describes Denmark and the Danes perfectly.
By Philip Jones

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