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Thursday, October 30, 2008

In Denmark, Even the Clergy Are Atheists

How corrupt and degenerate has Europe become? This much: Even the clergymen are losing faith in God.

"The Danish government today upheld the clerical suspension of a Lutheran minister who proclaimed last year that there was no God or afterlife, and he now could be fired or fined for declaring his beliefs in the pulpit," the Associated Press reported.

Lutheran ministers are on the taxpayers' dole in Denmark. Eighty-five percent of Danes supposedly belong to the state Evangelical Lutheran Church, but only 5 percent attend church regularly.
"The Rev." Thorkild Grosboell was temporarily suspended after claiming in an interview last year that "there is no heavenly God; there is no eternal life; there is no resurrection."

Then, in a sermon May 16, he claimed that "God had abdicated in favor of his son, hence in our favor. Therefore there is no longer a heavenly guarantee or an interfering might, there is only the godly kingdom [on Earth] that is achieved by us and between us. So if it fails, there is nothing."

Sounds as if he should be preaching at the U.N.

Source: Newsmax, July 13, 2004

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