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Monday, November 17, 2008

Did you ever see a real red sea?

Mass slaughter of Dolphins. Just for fun, to prove themselves. To prove that they are tough guys. In fact there are no words that can tell this story. So for those with some strong nerves, look to the awful pictures.

In Feroe Islands, Denmark, every year the young boys of the island go to the beach and kil this innocent animals. The Risso's Dolphin is a playful animal that only feels curiosity towards human kind. When they reach the beach they are trapped by this barbarous people that unmercifully kill every dolphin they can reach. By this they prove that they are not kids and now are adults. This is an act of cruelty towards animals that only get close to them to play. I believe that human kind has evoluted enough for us to tolerate such act or be participants of such cruelty. I hope this petition get to someone that can do something to stop this act of cruelty from a "civilized" country.

Want to stop this? Ok, may be it helps when you sign this petition Please, help these animals and stop this cruelty. Shame on Denmark (video)!!

Petitions: Denmark Is a Big Shame and Stop Killing Dolphins in Denmark


a Dane said...

Since the Faroe islands were granted home rule in 1948 and is now an autonomous province, the danish government have no executive or legal control to stop them.

mc said...

so if they are autonomous region- can declare war on they did these sentient beings....let them prove themselves against animals that fight back

Comunidade Auto Conhecimento said...

I am brasilian and I am soo sorry about this people, they have one tremendous oportunity to share with this animals but preffer kill them, they are poor people living in one rich country. Cindy Andrade Brazil

Comunidade Auto Conhecimento said...

I sent 85 signature to green peace in Denmark. My e-mail is

Unknown said...

shame on these people..... three words for them
"go to hell"