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Thursday, February 19, 2009

“VM” houses in Denmark

It does look like a magnified image of an uneven reflecting surface of some structure with all the sharp edged triangular forms coming out. Thoughts about a picture can be diversified but this wonderful form is easily visible with the naked eye.

As you can see it is a building, specifically a residential block in Copenhagen, Denmark with portrayal of jutting balconies making up the amazing structure. The name “VM” is due to side by side structures in the shape of V and M. These hold 80 different styled apartments which can be selected according to one’s requirement.

The blocks are formed as such to allow for daylight, privacy and views. The vis-à-vis with the neighbour is eliminated by pushing the slab in its centre, ensuring diagonal views to the vast and open, surrounding fields. All apartments have a double-height space to the north and wide panoramic views to the south. The logic of the diagonal slab utilized in the V house is broken down in smaller portions for the M house. In this project, the typology of the Unite d’ Habitation of Le Corbusier is reinterpreted and improved; the central corridors are short and receive light from both ends, like bullet holes penetrating the building. The VM Houses offer more than 80 different apartment types that are programmatically flexible and open to the individual needs of contemporary life - a mosaic of different life forms.

Source: Arch Daily (photo) and Liv Bit

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