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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thoughts about Denmark

These are Bianka's thoughts about Denmark and danish people, many foreigners agree with. Very interesting to read the comments, also.
[...] I found a country full of people who not only accept difference, they tolerate it. A country of high culture and education, polite people everywhere and a working social system. Yes - I found all the things I was lacking in my home country. But I also found something else. The first few months I was seeing only the positive things about this country - I was so impressed by it, that ever time when I saw something wrong or I just heard about it, I was the first one to stand up defending Denmark. But after those months passed and I peeled the surface of this place I found somethings else - something I didn’t like.
[...] It doesn’t matter how much taxes you pay or how hard you try to impress the Danish society - here it’s all about social status. If you are not Danish, don’t try seeking your ideal career within those lands. One of the other reasons that I came to this country is because of the myths of all that tolerance towards foreigners. And yes - it is a myth. [...]
There are lot’s of positive things that I could say about Denmark, [...]. But it is only for the Danish society - and of course they have their right to be snobbish and cold towards the foreigners. I am protesting against the PR’s who are advertising this country as the living paradise, where color of skin, nationality etc. are not social hold backs, but in the real Denmark, the one that I live in, they are. Sometimes it’s sad that your nationality will always be an obstacle if you try looking for happiness and development in another country - especially a one with high level of nationalistic pride.
[...] And I put my trust, my friendship into a Danish hands and I got dissapointed. [...] I ended up having no Danish friends, despite the fact that I live in Denmark, but a bunch of Spanish, Italian, Lithuanian, Romanian and Polish friends. And it’s not because I didn’t try - it’s because my nationality will always be a barrier for the Danes - they will never let you get close enough to them. They might be polite, smiling, inviting you to some parties, but the one thing that I learned since I am here is that they cannot be your friends, simply because they are not willing to trust you.


Anonymous said...

Hey, thank you for sharing my post.(-:
Obviously a lot of people share the very same opinion about being a foreigner in Denmark. Did you know that according to the Dansk Folparti, the Balkans are less-intelligent that Nordic people? :D
I reviewed this statement last night - it kept me up all night long.

P.S: Nice blog you have! Congrats!

Alexandru said...

People should know what to expect when they arrive in this "gorgeous" country and meet the aborigens, so I spread the word. People should know the truth, not the dansih propaganda.
Yes, I heard about that arogant and impertinent danish parlamentarian, this is how they are, generally.
If RO and BG are so stupid and idiots, than they shouldn't pay any money at the EU budget.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the reason why I started writing those articles is because I too want the people to know what to expect - when I was preparing myself to go to Denmark for 2 years, I didn't found such articles.
I was ensured even by the Danish professors who were interviewing me that Denmark is a lovely country and I will have no problems neither with the society nor with finding job during and after my studies.
Big surprise when I arrived.