Denmark has stolen children from their foreigner parents

Monday, May 25, 2009

98% of Denmark's Jews survived World War II

Since 1945 the countries invaded and ravaged by Hitler's armies have seen themselves as victims -- which they doubtless were, with their vast numbers of dead. That makes it all the more painful to concede that many compatriots aided the German perpetrators.

In Latvia, local assistance was greater than anywhere else. According to the American historian Raul Hilberg, the Latvians had the highest proportion of Nazi helpers. The Danes are at the other end of the scale. When the deportation of Denmark's Jews was about to begin in 1943, large parts of the population helped Jews to escape to Sweden or hid them. Some 98 percent of Denmark's 7,500 Jews survived World War II. By contrast, only nine percent of the Dutch Jews survived.

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It's impressive that local population saved the jews in Denmark, helping them to go to neutral Sweden.

On Simon Wiesenthal's list of the 10 most wanted nazist is the danish nazist Søren Kam, number 4. Does he betrayed his country, in such conditions?

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