Denmark has stolen children from their foreigner parents

Monday, August 17, 2009

Danish education

A cartoon (video) for children between 8 and 10 is used in danish schools. Here are no things for such an age - bees or flowers, but it is promoted sex education. Denmark is not afraid to tell children such things. Shouldn't they just tell kids the story about the stork that brings babies?
This is an example of how people are educated in Denmark, just from early ages.


Philip Jones said...

Hi Alex,

Unfortunately the sexualisation of children is not confined to DK. All across what we term the West, State regim'es are enacting legislation which will enable the corruption of very young children through sexual indoctrination disguised as supposed education.

What makes the situation more bizarre in DK though is the concensus acceptance with little or no opposition to what can only be termed `pornographying children.`

I have written about this at length, but these two articles might shed some light on the subject:

The latter has four parts and should be read in sequence.

The precedent for this `sex ed 101` can be found in 1920's Hungary during Bela Kun's regime, where raving mad Marxist, `Gorge Lukacs,` introduced `sex ed` to young children and advocated women be converted to common property in line with Karl Marx's anti Christian and family rantings.

The truth is that the origin of all this can be found in Luciferianism, as outlined in the Protocols Of Zion (Illuminati not Jews) which truly is the Blueprint for all that has happened in out world since the 19th century.

DK is extreme in all of this inasmuch as there is zero opposition, which indicates that the Luciferian ideal has become national dogma,doctrine, philosophy and akin to a religion here. At the very least, so embedded is this mindset in the population, that is the received wisdom of the vast majority.

The Illuminists won't stop until pedophillia is legalised and marriage and family are destroyed.

This is much bigger than DK and without wishng to appear self promoting, your readers really should start to read my articles, which although not exclusively written with DK in mind, are written from a Danish perspective.

Alexandru said...

Philip, you are absolutely right.
I noticed also, that there are no limits for sex in DK. Even the national TV station, DR, talks about sexual teasing.