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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Wind Energy is a Waste of Money

A new study Wind Energy – The case of Denmark (PDF) conducted by the Center for political Studies (CEPOS) a free market/conservative think tank, was released and surprise, surprise it turns out that wind is expensive, inefficient, and brings an undue burden upon Danish citizens.

There are also many studies that suggest Wind turbines have a adverse effects on the health of human beings with symptoms ranging from nausea, headaches, and sleep deprevation.

Main ideas:
  • Higher taxes and increased subsidies;
  • Won’t benefit overall economy and job creation;
  • Benefits turbine owners, shareholders and employed in the sector;
  • No Danish coal plants closed due to wind energy;
  • There is no proven decrease in reliance on fossil fuels caused from wind energy;
  • Most turbines only last 10-15 years compared to nuclear plants which have a lifespan of 40-60 years of constant energy;
  • Wind industries get subsidies and eventual profits while tax payers get to pay for it while having higher electric bills.

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La said...

True. I also heard, wind turbine technology is dead-end.Also spoils the view, the landscape.
But plenty of other solutions.Not only nuclear.