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Monday, November 23, 2009

Stricter Checks on American Travelers

The conservative Danish People's Party and leftist Social Liberals in Denmark are calling for increased checks on Americans wishing to travel to Denmark, including the introduction of visa requirements and pre-travel disclosures.
"We have had to admit that the Americans have not been as effective in their anti-terrorism efforts as we thought and that the threat against Denmark has grown," says Danish People's Party Justice Spokesman Peter Skaarup.
According to Visit Denmark almost 500,000 Americans visit the country each year. One of those who twice this year availed himself of easy entry into the country was a man recently arrested in Chicago on charges of conspiracy to carry out an attack on the Jyllands-Posten newspaper.
Although Danish police are currently able to require airlines to provide passenger lists, the Danish People's Party wants a more intensive cooperation with American authorities so that passport control can check whether Americans visiting Denmark have undertaken repeated travel to countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan.
"In particular we should look at Americans with a non-Western background. But we have to ask the Justice Minister to provide a written report on precisely how this can be done," says Skaarup.
Surprisingly, the Danish People's Party has been given the support of the Social Liberal Party, whose Justice Spokeswoman Lone Dybkjær says she is also concerned at developments.

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