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Saturday, December 12, 2009

COP15 Demonstration

Biggest climate change demonstration in history.
Source: Twitpic
Aerial view of 300-400 climate change protesters arrested, handcuffed, lined in rows - sitting on pavement detained outside.
Source: Twitpic

This inocent girl is treated like common criminals and arrested by the danish police.
Source: Flickr

Copenhagen climate summit: 1,000 anarchists arrested

Hundreds Demanding Globalist Agenda Arrested at Copenhagen

100,000 Protest at Cop15, Police Make Mass Arrests

Climate activists condemn Copenhagen police tactics


La said...

First for all:
GO GUYS,GO!!! Protest la!!!

Second for all...
I 've met Danish hippy guys, they were very nice. But still..Still they repeat the shit like any ordinary Danes, and they do not realize: they are already living in a socialist country...:)
So they protest against the polution, what is very nice. But as we get to the point of society, they are confused, and blind.
Sorry guys...BUT DO IT!

BABS said...

Tadzio Müller, spokesperson for Climate Justice Action, arrested shortly after press conference from within the Bella Center.

Denmark just got even funnier.