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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Danish journalist killed fish with shampoo

A journalist from DR1 put on trial for killing 12 guppies, found guilty, wins appeal, finally she gets away with murder!
I think she might be mentally disabled.
Pouring shampoo into a fish tank to prove shampoo's toxic? Come on!! She's just insane in her head, like more than 50% of danezi.
I think danish television is idiot. Of course not, they are not idiots, they want only to make money and convince stupid danish people to watch their brainwashing programms.

Lisbeth Kølster, a television presenter on the Danish public channel DR1, was last May found guilty by a district court in Glostrup, west of Copenhagen, of violating animal protection laws.
She had poured a "very diluted" amount of shampoo into a fish tank on a 2004 episode of the consumer affairs show she fronted to demonstrate the level of toxic material in a brand of anti-dandruff shampoo.
After three days, all but one of the fish were dead.
The lower court judge had ruled that Miss Kølster "deliberately committed an act of cruelty to animals" and violated animal protection laws, but decided not to hand down any sentence since an unreasonable amount of time, "four-and-a-half years," had passed between the date the complaint was filed and the trial.
She was acquitted by a Copenhagen appeals court.

Read in full at The Telegraph

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kelly said...

Cruel and stupid. Just wait until the guy who battered his daughter to death has *his* trial. I predict the same outcome:-

"They were only fish/it was only a girl"