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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Denmark hacked by muslims

Denmark's KFC website has been targeted by Islamist hackers.
The hackers decided to gain access to the fast food site and post an educational video about their religion on the page.
They also left instructions to the Danish government to introduce a new law to punish people who publicly insult religion.
The hackers implied in their demands that if the law is not introduced, the hacking of Danish websites will continue.
The hackers left a slightly cryptic message on the site, which read: 'If your Gov. don't make rules for Punishing anyone Insult Religions in the name of (Freedom of Speech ! ) or ( Freedom to Insult ) :)
Read more: Daily Mail

This is not so big besides what have done Romanian National Security. They hacked Daily Telegraph (GB), Le Monde (FR), RAI television, La Stampa (IT), telling them they should respect Romania and gypsies are not romanians, morons!, they didn't make the romanian history.
Undoubtly their next target would be Denmark.

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