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Sunday, September 19, 2010


1. Ban import of Foie Gras in Denmark
Geese in France are subjected to extreme cruelty of this "delicacy" is produced.
Foie Gras is a delicacy for the Danish Royal Family and the higher Society.
The Queen who is Patron for Animal Protection. On her birthday was serving “foie gras terrine with lentils and artichokes” for 250 guests.
At the annual New Year's sheds at the Queen for MPs and Pings in business is serving Foie Gras.
Furthermore the Prince Consort who is President of WWF Denmark has written a book on his favorite dishes including Foie Gras.
Several restaurants serving Foie Gras and many supermarkets, department stores and merchants selling Foie Gras.
Two well-known chefs on Danish television have promoted for Foie Gras.
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2. Stop the use of experimental animals in Denmark
The number of animals in Denmark used in experiments has since 2000 remained constant at around 350.000 a year.
The number of animals are not, despite goals from both industry and public research to reduce as much as possible and efforts to find alternatives, such as computer simulations.
There are nevertheless been an increase in research activity, which means that on average used fewer animals per study. Thus, there are currently conducted several studies on the same experimental than previous years.
The statement shows that about. 220,000 of the animals have been used in medical research. It is 48-69 percent was spent for research in nervous and mental managements of which 95 to 100 percent have been rodents.
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