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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Denmark's gang war

A bloody gang war between bikers and youths of immigrant origin has shattered Copenhagen's customary calm, prompting officials into threatening draconian legislation.
The latest street violence was sparked in August 2008 when a young Turkish man was killed, supposedly by a member of the Hells Angels group.
Since then, the conflict has left dozens dead or wounded - some innocent bystanders.
Not everyone agrees that the violence is part of a turf war over organised crime. Some see race and the so-called 'integration problem' as the chief cause.
Khaled Ramadan, an academic, artist and journalist, says that second and third generation immigrants are feeling frustrated by the Danish establishment.

There are concerns that the long-simmering feud will fuel existing anti-immigrant sentiment in a country where limiting immigration has become a cornerstone of government policy.
Immigrants account for about eight per cent of Denmark's 5.5 million people. Of these, there are an estimated 270,000 Muslims.
Many arrived in the 1970s from Turkey, Pakistan and Morocco to work in Denmark. In the 1980s and 1990s the majority of Muslim arrivals were refugees and asylum seekers from Lebanon, Bosnia, Iraq and Somalia.
Following the 9/11 attacks and the Madrid and London bombings, many immigrants feel that Islamophobia and racism is on the rise across Europe.
Denmark seems to have taken a turn to the right. Neo-Nazi groups have emerged with new slogans, such as "Denmark for Danes" and "close the borders", and many immigrants say they no longer feel welcome in Denmark.

More at Al Jazeera with video (23:29 minutes)

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