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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happiness, Freedom, Equality, Rudeness

Danes are the least gelotophobic nation on earth. Gelotophobic translates as, “fear of being laughed at.” An Aarhus Univerity study revealed that only 1.67% of Danes have this, due, in part, to our high degree of freedom of expression. Interestingly, Denmark has found itself in confrontations with Arab nations in the aftermath of the Muhammad cartoon crisis, and Arabs are at the opposite end of the scale; 33% of them suffer from gelotophobia.
We are also not overly respectful of authority, and political correctness is widely frowned upon. There is little respect for politicians. The general opinion is that any really INTELLIGENT man or women would consider it below themselves to waste their time as parliamentarians. Rather, they would aim for top-posts in the private sector. “Bad manners” are also on the loose in schools, where pupils show little of no respect for teachers. All in all, I would say that Danes are less cowed by status than anyone else I can think of.

We are the most equal in the world in terms of income. For example, a doctor at a public hospital makes less than $70,000/year (starting wages) and a garbage collector—or, to use the politically-correct term, “Renovation Technician”—also earns $70,000 on average. In Denmark, the income for the 10% richest is only five times higher than the 10% at the other end of the scale, whereas in the USA the difference is 16 times higher.

Denmark is doing very poorly in Life Expectancy. We’re ranked #36, tied with the United States. We eat more meat per capita than anyone else in Europe, and we have bad habits, i.e., too much smoking, cheap and lousy foodstuffs, and Danish teenagers drink more than any other teens in the world. Paradoxically, Denmark is also the nation with the highest per capita sales of organic food.

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Than, why be a doctor instead of garbage collector? - they earn the same amount of money. Why go through so many years to be a doctor when you can make the same as a garbage man? This just seems like such a skewed way of thinking. I don't believe that 5 mil. danes are satisfied with such a concept.
Denmark is a xenophobic and „doing nothing” country. Dolce far niente – It is sweet to do nothing.


ro said...

Thank you for the information.I'm studding here and I try to understand this strange country.
I've seen in people I met everything is written there. They are really uneducated.
Nu inteleg cine face bani in tara asta si cum.

lolz said...

"Than, why be a doctor instead of garbage collector?"

Because garbage-collection is...
1) exceptionally well-paid compared to other "lightly educated" jobs, or whatever you call them,
2) difficult job to get hold of, beceause of aforementioned reason and
3) because it's a tough, physically hard and literally back-breaking job. Shitty hours too.

Also, as studying in Denmark is free (actually, you get paid for it), so it's just as attractive to study as it is to get to working straight away. I know I would rather study and gain knowledge than do dreary, hard work day in and day out with incredibly bad work hours. Doesn't seem like such a skewed way of thinking, now does it?

There are many bad things about Denmark, I agree with that, but that particular question is incredibly stupid, considering the author claims to know the danish system from the inside.

Kate Cordula said...

You have got to be joking? Do you really have nothing else to do but sit there and badmouth my country? Yes, somethings are not like they should be, but seriously no one is perfect! Besides Denmark have been first or second for a long time on the "happiest countries" list. We are reallylayngice quite content and what we are doing is working out for us! Mind your own business.