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Friday, July 08, 2011

Danish court decision on Kim Davy can encourage terrorists

Sending a strong message to Denmark, India on Friday said Danish high court's refusal to allow extradition of Purulia arms drop case accused Kim Davy has "grave and far-reaching" implications and can only serve as an encouragement to terrorists and criminals.
The external affairs ministry while expressing its great disappointment over the court verdict also said India's demand that Davy be handed over by Denmark stands and he must stand trial in this country for his actions.

Noting that Danish government had decided on April 9, 2010, to extradite Kim Davy to India, he said "but the Danish authorities failed to successfully defend their decision in the Danish courts and it is regrettable that they have decided not to appeal the high court judgement in the Supreme Court."
"Completely rejecting" the grounds cited by the Danish court as the basis for its decision, he said "Our demand for the extradition of Kim Davy to India stands. He must face the law in India for his actions."
Government sources meanwhile emphasised that Danish authorities must ensure that "terrorists and gunrunners do not find easy safe haven" in their country and made it clear that the relations and interactions between the two countries will always be based on the strict principle of reciprocity.
"Conditionalities insisted upon by the Danes will apply in respect of any request received by us from them in the similar manner," they said.

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