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Sunday, April 21, 2013

"Danish Butch – The Face of the Future?"

"The women in your photograph look like scruffy women. Danish women look like scruffy men."

Pausing to miss Philip Jones -:
Philip Jones, one of the outstanding critics of the NWO died November 24, 2009. He fell ill in Sept 2009 and suspected an ex-girlfriend  of poisoning him. He was dependent on the Danish health care system, a precarious position given his outspoken views. Here is how he introduced himself in 2007.
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from Philip Jones
(from Oct 18, 2007)

I am a British man living in Denmark (Europe). I have been reading your site for around a year now, and have become deeply aware of the problems facing the world in general and my small part of it in particular. I am 49 years old and have served in the Military and Police Service. I am conservative by nature, but not extremely so. I have been aware of the ` Feminist Agenda` for many years, and saw it's `metamorphosis` in the 1980's whilst serving in the Metropolitan Police in London.
The situation here in Denmark is extreme. The level of androgyny is unlike anything you will experience that side of the `pond`(I know, I have been there many times). All but all Danish women look the same ie. like `butch lesbians`. They are everywhere. Not a business or public institution is free of them. It is all but impossible to deal with a man these days. And a pretty woman is `persona non grata`. The `Sisters` are everywhere, and definitely doing it for themselves.

To go out on the weekend is a pathetic sight indeed. One is immediately confronted by `manlike` predatory `females` mostly in their late 30's or early 40's, but some older. They occupy the clubs and bars. They are lonely, sad creatures, many with extreme psychological problems caused by the identity crisis which stalks this small little land. Few are remotely feminine, almost none would be described as attractive. They have bad attitudes, they dress badly and they are an indictment on this society. 
Danish men have been relegated to the `minor leagues` in most careers. Schools, Town halls, Hospitals, the Public Sector, Private Sector, you name it, the `women` are everywhere.

My own country (UK) is treading a similar path down the `feminist blind alley`, but nowhere near the extremes that this country has reached. Women are in command here. In politics, they are forcing through the NWO agenda without I fear knowing what it is they are doing. In education, androgyny is the name of the game as boys become more `girly` and girls become less so.
If you really want a glimpse of the ultimate Feminist Society, take a flight to Denmark, and you will see what I mean. The Blue eyed, Blond Haired, Scandinavian Beauty is a thing of the past indeed.

--------------------------------------------Second Letter:
Actually, the women in the photograph you placed alongside my letter look good compared to the majority of women here. There is a Uniform style amongst Danish women which is very strange. 

They all have short `manly` haircuts. Almost all wear small `goggly` spectacles. They dress very differently to most women in other countries. It's hard to explain , but the only way I can describe it is `blue collar masculine`.
From Top to Toe, almost without exception. And they have the attitudes to match, born out of years of social engineering in what must be the most comprehensive `programming` module on earth, namely, the Danish Education System.

Everyone here is on `A Course`. If one works, one is `On a course`. If one is unemployed, one is `On a course`. From age 1 year into adulthood, Androgyny is the only game in town. You have to see it to believe it. I have been here 10 years and I sensed it immediately. There is something very different about this place. `Same Sex` marriages have been a factor for years. Dare speak out against  love that at one time would `dare not speak it's name but now cannot shut up and you're in deep water indeed. Pedophiles have their own `Union `here. Satanists flock here to indulge in their `filth`.

On the surface, all looks very normal (except the women of course), but linger a short while and it starts to creep into one's consciousness. Something is `Very rotten in the State Of Denmark. They have one of the highest divorce rates in Europe. The lowest marriage count. It's all a little like the film `Invasion Of The Body Snatchers`. As if some alien entity has removed all the people and replaced them.

It's a real honour to have an article published on your site, which quite frankly has changed the way I see everything, and confirmed to me that I am not alone. Your articles are a revelation, and I send them to as many as I can.

Female Sports personalities are the nations `Heroes`. Whether it be Boxing, Football or whatever. The Feminist is `king`. All companies use women to advertise, and i am not referring to the type one normally sees, you know, the attractive girl selling the car. No, I am talking about the bespectacled andronoid, with the manly voice and job and well, everything else.

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