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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Danish depression

With this much wit, irony, good food, and drink it is difficult to imagine how Danes can suffer from depressions. But for some reason Danes will tell you that many people are lonely and depressed. The Indian anthropologist Prakash Reddy, who studied life in Denmark, also noted the Danish loneliness and said that:
In Denmark only thief's and the Jehovah's witnesses knock on people's doors without an appointment.

Maybe as result of no spontaneous visits Denmark has one of the world's highest suicide rates. Some Danes have described the suicides and depressions with the harsh and dark winters. But if this theory were to be correct there would be absolutely no people living in places like Norway, Sweden, or Finland.

According to Naipaul, Danes are depressed because they cannot get rich, and maybe that is why they always complain about the high taxes -which in fact are the highest in the world-, and the high price level. Personally, I secretly think that Danes enjoy their complaining. In fact, complaining is almost like a national hobby. Danes complain about the weather, which admittedly is a little sad at times. And at one point a delegate was actually elected to the Danish parliament because he promised better weather.

Danes also complain about the Danish welfare system, which is among the best in the world. But most importantly Danes complain about "the Law of Jante". "The Law of Jante" was written by the Danish/Norwegian author Axel Sandemose, and consists of 10 laws, and starts with: "You shall not believe that you are somebody". The "Law of Jante" describes the Danish obsession with not sticking out in a crowd and the social restrictions on people who somehow make themselves noted.

The only thing Danes actually never seem to complain about is their very popular Queen Margrethe, who reins the world's oldest monarchy. The queen is known for her nice personality and her artistic skills. And she has, among other things, illustrated Tolkien's famous book "The Lord of the Rings". Even though Danes hardly ever complain about their Queen, they do complain about her husband. -Maybe because he is from France and a foreigner…

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