Denmark has stolen children from their foreigner parents

Sunday, July 26, 2009

How the Welfare State Corrupted Sweden

Whereas my parents mysteriously seem to have inherited much of the "older" form of morality, most people of their age, and especially those younger, are paradigmatically different from their parents’ generation. They are children of the welfare state and are fully aware of the social security benefits to which they have a “right.” They don’t reflect on where these benefits come from, but are skeptical towards politicians whom they believe might take them away. “Change” quickly became a bad word, since it necessarily implies a change to the system on which people are parasitically dependent.

This is a fragment from How the Welfare State Corrupted Sweden (2006) by Per Bylund. It is a very interesting reading.
In Denmark is the same conception of welfare state. People becomes dependents from the state in all forms.

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