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Monday, July 20, 2009

Refugees in Denmark

Some political refugees are still living in bad situations in Denmark, regardless to the Refugees International Conventions and Protocols Denmark had signed. These bad situations escalated since the second victory of the liberal party of Denmark "Venstre parti" to pursue a second term of governing, following "Bush American's example". [...]

That member of Parliament said, "All refugees should work in the cleaning sector regardless to their careers," Said one of the refugees and added, "I would like to work on this sector if there's really a job there not a long practices period, but I've doubt that other professionals and intellectuals would".

This attitude reflects no respect to professionalism and intellectuality. It is against the integration law too, because it imposes the following question: How they decided to integrate those political refugees with this negative intention. Forget about who should integrate into whom! [...]

Those people I met here are two aware that they do not have and they do not mean any discrimination in their jobs prescriptions. They are desperately feeling they are ZEROS not humans. [...]

Students in Denmark demonstrated against such bad educational situations and sent critical messages to the Education Minister for his continuous changes in the educational system. Some of them told him that they couldn't say bad words, but they wanted to know why he is irritating them by those frequent changes.

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