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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Mosque in Copenhagen

Copenhagen’s first mosque will be a blue dome structure in the Nørrebro district after the City Council voted in favour of approving a district plan for its construction.
The council voted for a 2000 sqm former machine factory on Vibevej Road to be transformed into the 32m tall place of worship for the city’s Muslims.
The building’s frontal facade will be 13 m tall, while the blue dome stretching another 24m up. The mosque will also have two minarets at a height of 32 m.
The minarets will be largely symbolic as they will not be used to call people to prayer, reports TV2 News.
The building will include a prayer room, amphitheatre, conference centre, library and housing quarters for visiting imams.
The project is being organised by the Ahlul Bait Association and is expected to cost about 50 million kroner, which will be funded through private donations.
‘Copenhagen has a cathedral, a Russian church, a synagogue and of course we should also have a new mosque. I hope it will be a place that’s full of life and inviting to show that Copenhagen is a diverse city,’ said Klaus Bondam, head of the city’s technical and environmental department.
Source: Copenhagen Post

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Philip Jones said...

Hi Alex,

It's quite astonishing that such a `to do` is being made about this. We are speaking about a house of worship.

All the major cities of Europe have Mosques. So what?

Danes seem to have less problem with Strip Clubs and Porn shops.

What does that tell you about the mentality here?

Praise be to Allah, and great for all the faithful.