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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lower Minimum Wage for Immigrants

The debate over integration is shrill in Denmark. The small country repeatedly makes international headlines on the issue. The current coalition government of conservatives and right-wing liberals has already introduced Europe's toughest immigration law. The far-right Danish People's Party constantly agitates against the nation's 450,000 immigrants.
Karsten Lauritzen, integration spokesman for the ruling right-liberal party Venstre, has proposed that immigrants be paid far less than Danes. His idea is that migrants should work for around 50 krone an hour (around €6.50 or $8.40) instead of the current minimum hourly wage of around 100 krone. There is no official legal minimum wage in Denmark, but pay is regulated by a series of wage agreements negotiated by labor unions.
Lauritzen is selling his idea as in the interests of the immigrants: he says that the high wages are preventing "immigrants and new Danes" from getting jobs. If you want to get migrants out of their ghettos and into the labor market then new ideas are required, Lauritzen argues. The politician told the Berlingske Tidende newspaper that he envisages a situation where an immigrant would get just half the minimum wage for the first six months. After all, he argued, some immigrants now take unpaid work to gain a foothold in the labor market. He assured the paper that he had his party's backing on the issue.
Migrants working for a pittance -- the suggestion may seem absurd, but it's shared by many in Danish politics, and it is not as easily dismissed as, say, a recent suggestion in Germany that immigrants be subjected to intelligence tests.

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La said...

Well, to me it's all nonsense- rubbish. I wonder what would EU say if 50 % was come in power:)

May they could use different tax rates saying the "newcomers" didn't pay in the past...But still very arrogant it would be..
Not an Excuse still...

By the way Alex! How can you explain? How come despite Denmark not following EU disciplines in so many cases, they are not scoled?
How come They can put 20 cigarettes in one packet still, they can use their weird red regist.number plates on their cars still (ok I've seen the DK-Eu on a Mazda already).They can ban car import, second hand import as well, and so many other things..

Alexandru said...

Well, danishes hate EU, they give a damn shit about that. DK considers itself as nobody else... I gave a link about how DK doesn't respect EU rules.
Danishes are uneducable, they are unable to learn from others, they consider foreigners as pariahs.
Foreigners in DK are used only for wellbeeing of the country.
There are many things to say...

La said...

So where is the link?:)

Unknown said...

Its so easy to say that Denmark and danes dont give a shit about anything - I dont think you are qualified to talk about that after 1,5 years in Denmark...
A little correction. Denmark has a lower salary rate for foreigners. The government pays more than half of the salary for foreigners actually 67,7 dkk pr hour and then the company who hire the foreigner only has to pay like 40 dkk pr hour. Thats made to get foreigners a chance to get a job.
Please get you facts correct before you attack Denmark and Danes...