Denmark has stolen children from their foreigner parents

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Other examples of the Jantelov

As a practical example of the Jantelov, an expat Dane who bought a Renault Espace in Denmark in order to export it elsewhere in Europe, and as such free of Danish taxes, was told by the car dealer that sometimes those at Renault Denmark who prepared the documents required to register the car abroad apparently delayed the documents as a symptom of envy towards expat Danes who bought expensive cars that Danish residents normally cannot afford. It's a true story!

Many countries allow their citizens to vote at parliamentary elections even when expatriated. Not Denmark. The moment a Dane puts his/her Jantelov-disobedient foot outside the Danish border, he/she loses all parliamentary voting rights. This part of the Jantelov is even written in the Constitution. A recent modification allows expat Danes who stay outside Denmark for less than 2 years to vote, though.

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