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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Nazism in Denmark

Nazism is very big in Denmark. This is an interview of the Danish Nazi-leader, who calls himself: Gentlemand Finn (the person with the moustache and cigaratte-holder on the left). Gentlemand Finn´s name is Finn Hansen. His brother are named Jonni and Moses Hansen - Jonni Hansen is also a well-known Nazi-leader, While Moses Hansen is a Bible-nut, to whom the other two brothers selvdom speak.
Gentlemand Finn is here interviewed by Capser Christensen, the most professional and respekted Journalist in Denmark. The program is called "Capser og Mandrilaftalen", and it is a debate-program with all the most important people in the Political Scene in Denmark.
Gentlemand Finn, The Danish Nazi-leader, speaks here about how the Nazis actually control most of Denmark, political and economical. How they are an invisiable force, that control everything. The Nazis have infiltrated all the higher layers of society. Nothing gets approved without their knowledge.
He speaks of how the Fourth Reich will rise from the ashes of the Third, and how the global nazis will control the world with an iron-fist - through the New World Order.
This is all true.


Anonymous said...

Is this a joke?

Anonymous said...

Back in 2012 some anonymous asked here, if this is a joke....

In a Country in which NAZI Laws are being used by the certainly is NOT a joke......

Traveller's private blog said...

Denmark anno 2013 - seems to be controlled 100% by no other than NAZI's - unfortunately.

Read and, in the text you'll find (among many other horrible things), that the Germans had to stop the Danes and their slaughter during WW2; - none of these Danish war-maniacs seems to have been punished ever? Why not?

Denmark is now (2013) top of the European list of Countries killing their own, - and everyone else??

Nazi - nazi - nazi Denmark; - obviously still wanting to create the 4th Reich? Complete psycho'es they are.

STOP them - NOW!